Artistic or funny handcraft
on your face!

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Surreal and fun
face painting effects...

Want a cool tiger face painting on your face? Want to have funny dog or chimp face on your body? It's super easy to create with FaceCraft!

All you need is your imagination! We will keep updating interesting guides to help you get inspired and even get step-by-step help to create amazing face arts!

Blend 2 faces in 1
with your loved one

How much do you and your loved one really look alike? Facecraft lets you blend your face with your family, friends or even favorite movie stars easily.

Check out the Quebec artist Ulric Collette's Genetic Portraits series and see amazing photos of family faces blended together. Now with FaceCraft you can easily make your own on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

Share with friends
and impress them!

FaceCraft allows you to share your fun face blending photos with your friends or within social networks easily with just one tap!

Check out #facecraft in Instagram and see cool facecraft effects shared by others!


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